Jabberwock 2013

Nashville’s Jabberwock History




One of the Delta’s signature programs is the Jabberwock, which Nashville Alumnae has sponsored intermittently in the Nashville community since 1937. The Jabberwock was conceived by Marion Conover Hope of Boston’s Iota Chapter in 1925 as a variety show of music, skits, and dance. The money raised from the event was earmarked for scholarship and subsequently public service projects.


Nashville Alumnae Chapter (then Pi Sigma), along with Alpha Beta (Fisk University) and Alpha Chi (then Tennessee A & I College, now Tennessee State University) Delta chapters, held its first Jabberwock on March 12, 1937 at the A & I College Auditorium.

A second Jabberwock was sponsored during the 1948-49 sororal year.

Jabberwock 1955 was themed “20th Century Flight,” and was held at the War Memorial Auditorium on April 2. Greeks and other community organizations competed in the skits that showcased such exotic places as Brazil, Haiti, Germany, France and Spain.

In 1959, “Moon Magic” was presented at Cameron High School. The 1962 Jabberwock, “Excursion into Wonderland,” was held on April 6.

Two decades would pass before Nashville Alumnae would sponsor another Jabberwock. In 1983, Nashville Alumnae presented “Experience the Moment” at the Tennessee State University A Auditorium.


In 2009, the Jabberwock was revived in Nashville with “An Enchanted Journey of Endless Possibilities.” The resurgence of the Jabberwock was conceived as a biennial event to be co-sponsored by Nashville Alumnae Chapter and the Minerva Foundation, Inc. The 2011 Jabberwock, “A Melody of May Flowers in Bloom,” showcased teenaged young ladies from high schools across the city. Both events were held at the I.T. Creswell Elementary auditorium.

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